Las Vegas Garage Door Opener Specials

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$299 (installed) Garage Door Opener Special (click link for details)

Many garage door companies are quick to tell you that you need to replace your garage door opener when in truth a repair would solve the problem and be much more cost effective to the customer. At Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, the technician is trained to do what is best and the most cost effective for our customers. The technician is trained in diagnosing the opener and then telling our customers the options for repair or replacement.

Most garage door companies won’t do this because the technician may not know how to properly diagnose the opener or because the company he works for knows there is far more profit in replacing rather than fixing.

Call Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas and tell us the symptoms of the opener and we will give you our honest opinion on the matter whether you use our company or not. Give us a call at 855-773-7199.